For Clients

What can we offer for you?

We are the recruitment company working under the ProRekruter brand.
We support companies in HR-related activities. We work mainly in European countries, our base is Poland, Germany, Greece & Portugal.

Are you an employer?

Have you got the need of effective recruitment process, or non-standard activities such as sourcing or headhunting? -You are in the right place, we will gladly help you in this.

Based on our extensive experience related to corporations, large production companies and small family businesses, we offer you a wide range of services related to the recruitment and selection of candidates.

The basic services are:

  • Employee recruitment at all career levels (as an outsourcing)
  • Headhunting
  • Direct Search
  • Sourcing of passive candidates – we will find hard-to-reach specialists for you

If you need support, please contact us via the form: Click here