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Customer Service roles – Portugal

Job title: Deutschprachiger Content Moderator →Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Job title: Deutschprachiger Reiseberater→Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Job title: Deutschsprachiger Kundenservice für den Märchenproduzenten→Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Job title: Customer Service with Dutch   →Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Customer Service roles – Greece

Job title: Kundenservice in Deutsch (Thessaloniki)→Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Job title: Customer Support in German   →Location: Athens, Greece

Job title: Customer Support in Italian   →Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Job title: Italian speaking Customer Support →Location: Athens, Greece

Job title: Customer Support with foreign languages   →Location: Athens, Greece

Customer Service roles – Kraków (Poland)

Job title: Kundenservice mit Deutsch & Englisch Kenntnissen    Location: Kraków, Poland

Job title: Customer service with Dutch →Location: Kraków, Poland

Other roles

Job title: Apply for other position   →Location: new